Our Heritage

To provide a meaningful financial contribution to the HBCU population to enhance the exposure and sustainability of these American higher learning institutions. A huge percentage of HBCUs are struggling to keep their doors open with the rising costs of education. HBCUX TV is providing a mechanism to give back a portion of our proceeds to those institutions to preserve their legacy in the African American community.

Our VISION is to be the leading media provider to expand the voice and experiences of the 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCUs. HBCU students will now have a voice in their programming options, telling their stories, experiences on our various network channels. Delivering content that inspires, educates, entertains and uncovers untold stories.

Our Legacy

We are living in a time where the lives and opportunities of our young people are being stolen, killed, and destroyed through violence, lack of resources, support systems, hurting families, and sub-par education. We are the game changer to adjust the mindset of lack and hate to a mindset of positive action and a habit of love!

HBCUX Network’s goal is to design and create a viral and mobile movement to change lives within our communities nationwide, with a focus on improving education. It is time for a movement of connection and commitment for the betterment of future generations globally. HBCUX Television. Our Heritage. Our Legacy. Our Xperience.

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