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Join host Anthony Ray as he leads lively, engaging discussions with HBCU advocates, policy makers, authors and others in an effort to promote HBCU Excellence, HBCU Innovation, HBCU Sustainability.

About the Host

Anthony Ray


Elizabeth Cith State U - Host Photo - Anthony Ray.jpgAnthony is a social entrepreneur and servant leader that specializes in transforming broken and underperforming teams, departments and organizations. A staunch advocate of our nation’s HBCUs, he is the creator, producer, and host of The HBCU Nation Radio Show, and the Founder of two non-profit initiatives; The HBCU Nation and The HBCU Project.

In April of 2013, he had the privilege and honor of being a sponsor of the Inaugural HBCU Story Symposium hosted by its Founder, Dr. Crystal deGregory in Nashville, TN and served as a Legacy sponsor for the 2nd Annual HBCU Story Symposium held in October 2014 in Washington, DC. He is an aspiring HBCU administrator. In November of 2014, Anthony participated in the “On The Road To The Presidency,” Executive Leadership Summit, hosted by Dr. William R. Harvey, President of Hampton University.

A 1977 graduate of Elizabeth City State University with a degree in Geology, he is a Lifetime member of The ECSU National Alumni Association, and a Lifetime member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, Eastern Province. Anthony holds a Master’s in Christian Apologetics from Cincinnati Christian University, and is the author of the forthcoming book, The HBCU Nation Are You in ?

As a social entrepreneur, plans are in place, to license The HBCU Nation Are You In brand, with a major apparel manufacturer based in Haiti. This initiative would help rebuild the Haitian garment industry that suffered great loses as a result of the devastating earthquake that rocked that country in January 2010. Image that, The HBCU Nation Are You In, licensed apparel Made in Haiti, retailed in America to establish an Endowment Fund for our nations financially strapped HBCUs! Revenue projections total $350 million for this initiative for FY 2015-2016.