Head 2 Toe

Produced by: North Carolina A&T


    Head 2 Toe Radio Show is your guide to ethnic hair, nail and skin care for the entire family. Head 2 Toe is hosted by Ezinma and guest co-hosts veteran Cosmetologists and Educators Nikki & Charles Henry. Also, celebrity hairstylist and reality TV star MaCray Huff (Chicagolicious).  
    From celebrity interviews to health and beauty topics, this is a must-hear-talk show that will keep you on point from Head 2 Toe!

    About the Host

    Ezinma Murphy

    Wife, mother, full-time employee, entrepreneur, radio host, just to name a few, Ezinma Murphy is a modern-day renaissance woman. Always putting family first, she decided to focus on raising her daughter instead of following her dreams of having a career in radio. Determined to never give up, Ezinma finally returned to college and is currently an honor student at North Carolina A&T State University majoring in Liberal Studies (Interdisciplinary) with a minor in Speech Communications.

    As a busy mom, Ezinma would struggle every morning combing and styling her hair as well as her daughter’s natural thick hair. After she decided to give her daughter her first relaxer, she began experiencing lots of hair breakage. Frustrated with taking care of her daughter’s hair, as well as her own hair, Ezinma decided to work part-time as a receptionist at a hair salon. It was during this time she became very passionate about hair and gained a lot of knowledge from licensed cosmetologist about the dos and don’ts for taking care of relaxed and natural hair.
    After receiving numerous compliments on her hair from strangers, co-workers and from parents at her daughter’s school, Ezinma constantly found herself answering questions about hair and sharing her “hair story” with others. Ezinma realized it was her true destiny to educate women on hair care.

    After landing her first radio job at 90.1 WNAA-FM on the campus of NC A&T State University, Ezinma decided to create the Head 2 Toe radio show – a talk program designed to educate listeners on ethnic hair, nail and skin care for women, men and children.

    In addition to hosting the Head 2 Toe radio show, she’s also a radio announcer for the “R&B Dance Party” on The Voice of NC A&T 90.1 WNAA.